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Customers Comments
I am extremely pleased with the seat you remodelled and returned to me all within one week. The new seat has transformed the comfort levels and riding position of my old Triumph. You have converted my discussed needs into the remanufactured shape which has successfully repositioned my riding position. This has had a marked beneficially effect on controllability and so handling, particularly when traveling swiftly along bumpy roads.
Many thanks,
Chris Whitworth
Fitted the seat today and what a difference it made!
First off, I am very pleased with the quality and the look - totally changed the bike. Comfort is superb, really look forward to weather turning for the better.
Secondly, because you made it measure, it really suites me and changes the posture and handling, completely. Compared to ultra low seat it came with, feels like a different bike. Did not realise it can make such a difference. Will definitely consider upgrading the seat once I get another bike in the future.
Thanks a lot.
I keep forgetting to do this, I just wanted to say a big thank you for my seat - it's amazing!
We have done over 2000k with the new seat, including a rushed 6 hour stint on motorways and I'm happy to say numb bum is a thing of the past. The difference is incredible, why do major motorcycle manufacturers produce such uncomfortable seats for touring bikes?
On a side note, I don't know if any other customers have reported this, the new seat somehow stimulates my girlfriend in a way that makes her really horny after about 30 minutes riding - incredible! I was nervous about spending nearly €500 on a seat but that makes it well worth it. Is there anywhere I can leave a review for you?
Cheers Dan
Hi Ross,
The seat arrived today in perfect condition. Superb quality, and I gave it a 300 mile comfort test run today. What a difference. Why Honda chose to put a log on top of a great bike is a mystery. Thanks for the prompt service, I'm a satisfied customer as my review on will indicate.
David Maxwell
Caifornia, USA.
Hi Ross
Just a quick note to say thank you for the great job on my Pan European seat.
If I hear of anyone who needs a job done on their bike seat or who are after a custom seat I'll certainly pass on your details and I'll drop your name to my local bike garage. They are a good friendly firm who will also pass the word on.
I've attached a feed back note so if you want to add it to your comments page feel free.
A pleasure to do business with you
Many thanks again, have a good Christmas and an even better New Year
John Sunderland

Hello Ross

I have received my seat, and have fitted it on the bike.

I am so pleased with all aspects of your work, and the quality and workmanship is absolutely superb.

With current lockdown restrictions in place, I am unable to go out on the bike, but just sitting on it, the new shaping and gel pad makes for a more comfortable riding position,--- and it looks absolutely stunning.

Thank you for great sevice and communication . Highly recommended by me, and I'm sure other Suzuki SV 650 owners would feel the same if only they knew how good it is

Cheers for now.


Regards Andrew


Hi, I have just received my Bladerunner seat for my VFR800 Vtec and am delighted with it, especially as I decided to go for the silver piping. I feel this breaks up the solid black and as it is a black bike is very effective. I have attached a couple of pictures of for you. Please feel free to use them on your website if you want.
Thanks and regards.
Allan Thompson.

Hi Ross, I would just like to say thank you for doing my Suzuki sv650 seat. The seat is very comfy and I feel I could be out on the bike all day with no numb bum syndrome. I think you did the seat just right with all the padding and the gel makes a lot of difference. It truly is like riding a different bike and I would recommend anyone that has a SV to get there seat done. I would not hesitate to recommend you to people and I have already. Please feel free to put this review on your site 👍🏻  

Your sincerely

Shaun Osborn